Know Your Leader

Numbers 14:1-12

Moses knew the Lord. He had seen many amazing things by this point from burning bushes to divided bodies of water. He was well versed with arguing with God and with doubt. Therefore, it is safe to assume that he understood the concerns of God’s people pretty well. It makes sense, then, that his next course of action is to intercede for God’s people directly to God to seek forgiveness for there rebellion. Here is the best part: God actually does forgive them.

We are called to love everyone, including and especially our enemies, and it makes sense for us to pray for their forgiveness (both from the Lord and ourselves). However, how often do we ask God for their forgiveness when they will not? Such prayer never seems to come natural, but that is exactly what Moses does for God’s people. It is vital that, in our desire to love people as Jesus does, that we never cease to intercede for them. If we know God like Moses knew God, then we know that God desires this of us as well.

Author: Cameron Pence

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