New superintendent in Los Lagos, Chile

Alessandro Polonio was installed as District Superintendent of the Los Lagos District in Chile February 7. The previous superintendent was Alfredo Veloso, who passed away on January 10, 2015.

After a process that took several days of meetings and consultations, General Superintendent Jerry D. Porter announced through South America Regional Director Christian Sarmiento the decision to appoint Polonio as district superintendent.

Polonio, from Brazil, is a South America Region missionary assigned to Chile as Integral Ministries Coordinator, a ministry he shares with his wife, Cristiane, and accompanied by their daughters, Rachel and Sarah.

At the installation service, there were performances by the churches that make up the district. The event was full of excitement as it also included the presence of Francisca "Panchita," widow of Pastor Veloso.

Brother Jaime Diaz Tolman was appointed assistant to the district superintendent.

The South America Region prays and trusts that the Holy Spirit will guide the new superintendent, his assistant, and the church of this vast district to continue making Christlike disciples to the ends of the earth.

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