Martinique church members train in SDMI outreach


Nearly 80 people from the Morne-Venté and Godissard Nazarene churches in Martinique participated in a Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries training 31 May–1 June. 

The local SDMI council and the pastors of the two churches supervised the event, and Mesoamerica Regional SDMI Coordinator Monte Cyr led the training. The event was held at the Morne-Venté Church facilities, and discussion topics included discipleship, missions, vision, objectives, and ministries.

“I only recently started serving in church, and this training came at a good time and brought many answers about serving and making disciples,” said Sabrina Manere, Morne-Venté church member. “During these days, I realized that I already had the potential in Jesus to create relationships and opportunities — to make disciples of all ages.”

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica

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