The Foundry Publishing to release new children’s curriculum

Kansas City, Missouri

The Foundry Kids, the children’s imprint for The Foundry Publishing, will release a new children’s curriculum called Eureka! for use in September 2019. Replacing the current Faith Connections curriculum, Eureka! will offer the same biblical focus with additional resources and media for leaders. 

“Wesleyan children’s curriculum has always been a main focus for The Foundry Publishing,” said Bonnie Perry, editorial director. “We are excited to be offering a completely new resource for children that reinforces our commitment to biblical literacy, which will lead children to a more intimate relationship with God.”

The Eureka! curriculum has been in development for two years, and The Foundry Kids team worked with children’s pastors and educators to create the three age levels included in the curriculum — Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger Elementary, and Older Elementary.

Pointing children to “aha!” moments of discovery each week, Eureka! will help children explore and connect with Scripture.

“We’re looking forward to helping kids create their own eureka moments that will shape their Christian journeys for years to come,” said Jeremy Bond, The Foundry Kids product developer.

Eureka! is available to order for fall 2019 at

--The Foundry Publishing